Transom Education Solutions is a proud subsidiary of the Transom Group.

Founded in 2011, the Transom Group was created with one goal in mind: making a lasting, positive impact everywhere we work. Coming from a number of diverse backgrounds, we realize the partners we support have more responsibilities than time in a day. With a constantly growing list of increasingly complex tasks, sustaining an impact on the core mission can become a challenge for even the most seasoned of leaders. We help to identify the opportunities, streamline operations and improve outcomes to put your focus back where it is needed most. Seamlessly delivering simple, yet meaningful solutions.

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, with core focus on:


Value. By definition, services are taking action to create value for someone else. That is exactly what we want to do for you! All of our solutions are designed to make your work easier, which returns valuable time to your day.  


Detail. We focus on the details in our services and solutions. Why? Because simply put, details matter. They provide differentiation, determine accuracy, and are the parts that make the whole. Our team is focused on all of the details that drive your work forward.  


Professionalism. We ensure our team is held to highest of standards for professionalism, acting with responsibility, communicating with integrity, living by accountability and always striving for excellence.


Transom Group is the parent company of Atlantic Research Partners, Chicago Transom Partners and Transom Education Solutions. Together these core brands deliver comprehensive solutions to your biggest challenges – saving you time, money and increasing the quality and reliability of your daily operations.

Meet Our TEAM


Supported by a Diverse Group of:

Accounting Specialists & Staff Accountants​
Our accounting team is a group of diverse, experienced and insightful experts who understand the complexities and unique challenges of financial management in the education space. Equipped with the best tools, on-going training and cutting edge software, they provide unparalleled service and a personalized approach to ensure your accounting and compliance needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Client Success Managers
​We understand each partnership is different, and pride ourselves on personalized service. Our team of Client Success Managers are with you every step of the way – implementation through sustainability – learning and growing with your unique needs. Our goal is to be your partner, not vendor, in the journey of managing services, and our Client Success Mangers ensure your needs are met with every single interaction we have the opportunity to have with you.

​​IT Consultants & Managers
Our IT consultants work in partnership with you, advising on how to use technology to meet your objectives and overcome challenges. We work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems, calibrating solutions which grown with you over time.

Support Engineers
​Our Support Engineers diagnose and troubleshoot software and hardware problems, resolve network issues, configure operating systems and use remote desktop connections to provide immediate support to ensure that all of your systems are running efficiently to support your schools.

Operations Analysts
Coming from diverse backgrounds with a multitude of experiences, our Operations Analysts are focused on improving efficiencies and driving dollars back into the classrooms. With experience in Capital Improvement, Facilities, Nutrition Support Services and Transportation, our team understands the complexities of school operations and is poised to dig in and help streamline daily operations at a site, campus or network level to guarantee peak efficiency and quality of service.

Application & Web Developers
With experience in the design and development of mobile applications and websites, our development team has the skills and savvy necessary to ensure all of your software needs are met and work seamlessly with the daily operations of your school. Whether it is an attendance app for your smartphone or a time tracking system for your staff, we have the abilities to take your operations to the next level with intuitive and insightful software solutions – all customized for your specific needs.

Project Managers
Defining and communicating objectives which are clear, useful and attainable is paramount to any successful project. Whether partnering on an excellence assessment, working on an IT upgrade or delivering an accounting solution, our Project Managers work with our staff and yours to define success and provide all the planning and supports to stakeholders for on-time and on/under budget delivery.