Managed Services

Transom’s Service Management Office (SMO) is a center of excellence within your organization, focused on improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of operational services.  We leverage industry standards and best practices – delivered by our expert team – to provide services which meet the demands of your unique environment.

We solve for the challenge many organizations face when implementing service management through a heavy focus on coordinating activities, balancing the desire for centralized control and process consistency with the efficiency and scale that is a benefit of the SMO model.

Understanding many different people are involved in delivering services, we offer clear accountability for all of the services provided. We partner with you on the vision, then handle the execution, delivery, orchestration and ongoing support services. This framework ensures partners receive consistent service experiences, regardless of which teams are involved in delivery.

Managed Facilities (Including Asset Management): Our experienced staff of industry professionals have the capabilities, talent and resources to provide insightful solutions to all of your facility needs. From labor strategy, to full facility management – Custodians, Engineers and everything in-between – along with optimization of Electronic Asset Management systems, our team has the skills to deliver on all of your complex facility needs. Solutions are available for short- and long-term assignments, and we are able to provide operational oversight to compliment your existing team.

Managed Transportation: We understand all the moving parts in managing transportation services. We work hand-in-hand with you to create a plan which meets your specific needs. Each partnership is unique, each plan customized, allowing the flexibility to define and refine to ensure every route is predictable, every dollar is maximized, and safety is always first.

Operational Optimization: The best plans start with a look at what’s working well, and where there might be room for improvement. Our experienced team of operational experts will work side-by-side with you to analyze your systems, contracts, sites and overall operations to determine the best path forward. We offer services to help action against any optimization findings to ensure seamless implementation for sustained results.